Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Happy Friday...and Outfit Alert!

It has arrived--Friday!! Our long lost friend has finally made it to us--thankfully. It's not that this week was exceptionally long but I am glad it's over nonetheless. I have an exciting weekend of pool-time, sister-time, and crafting ahead. A long overdue sister-day is planned for tomorrow which consists of pool and pomegranate martinis...well maybe only one martini or so (I don't want to throw away all of my good efforts from the week). I cannot wait! With all of this working I have been doing, I haven't spent much time with her. In addition to my Saturday plans, I have big hopes of making something clothing-wise. I ordered my dress form and it is finally here so I really want to give something a try. I'll def fill you in on the success or total bombing of my sewing adventure.

Onward to the outfit: Something casual for my Friday...

Top: Ann Taylor Loft, seen here
Pants: Wide Leg Trouser Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Steve Madden, seen here
Necklace: Express

Have a GREAT day!!


  1. Great outfit, great shoes!!

  2. Do I see a new full length mirror?! How exciting! Loving that shirt-again :)

  3. @Andi--Thanks so much. Those shoes are my easy casual go to shoes. Love them!

    @Heater--I have invested in a full length. Target $25-30. Go for it--it's worth it lol!



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