Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Year Reunion and a Gray Eyebrow?!

Is it a coincident that while I was getting ready to go out for my 10-year reunion, I plucked a gray eyebrow?? Haha, it really made me laugh. What are the chances. I thought I'd share with you all my outfit for tonight.


Jeans: Express Barely Boot
Top: Michael Kors
Shoes: Nordstroms

Hair: Curled for the first time ?!?!? WDYT?
Crease: Smashbox Ink
Lid: Lorac Rhapsody
Inner Corner: Urban Decay Speed
Highlight: Urban Decay Sellout
Eyeliner: Urban Decay Zero
Mascara: DiorShow
Lips: Smashbox Flirty
MAC LipGlass Poetic License

Hopefully when this posts hits the world wide web, I'll be having a blast with my old friends (new to scheduling posts). Do any of you have any exciting weekend plans? Please share! Have a great weekend!!!!!

Outfit from yesterday: A Little Professional

I am a day late (and a dollar short) for this post. Here is the outfit I wore yesterday. I was really wanting something fun so I thought I'd change up the shoes:

(Not overly exciting but hey, it was the end of the week. lol)
Pencil skirt: Express
White button down: Ann Taylor Loft
Pink sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Candies for Kohls

I took advantage of Urban Decay's FF30% discount and ordered a new pale shimmery eyeshadow and two 24/7 eyeliners, zero and bourbon. I love all of these. The eyeshadow is a perfect light shimmery champagne color. Here is my makeup for the day using my new products. 

Products used:
Two faced baked eyeshadow in Cosmic Comet
Urban Decay shadow in Sellout
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in bourbon
Sephora Impertinent Nude Lipstick
MAC LipGlass (forgot the name sorry)

I have good news guys---it is finally Friday!! Yay! I hope everyone has a great weekend---I know I will. Love you all!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some updates and a Funny Quote...

Sorry I have kind of been off of the radar this week. I am just really tired---I'm driving again for work (which I hate) so I think that contributes to my tired-ness. However, I did want to give you some quick updates...

Firstly, I finished my last final exam EVER. I am graduating on Sunday with a Masters in Accounting!! I am toying with the idea of a PhD sometime in the future but for now, the idea of no more classes is amazing!!

Secondly, I ran my farthest ever this week---5.05 miles! We live on the east side of downtown and I actually ran through downtown up and down the length of the downtown area three times and I  made it back. At 3 miles, I thought there is no way I was going to make it and I even debating having hubs take me back but I got a second wind and made it home. Woo hoo! Maybe that 5k race isn't totally unreasonable.

And lastly, I saw this post on facebook the other day and it made me literally laugh out loud...

"And so I fly, whether with wings or by broomstick, because that's how I roll" --Anonymous

I hope everyone is having an awesome week. I have some exciting things coming up so I'll be on more later in the week: Friday is my 10-Year High School Reunion and Sunday is Graduation!!

Later peeps 

--xo Mere

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outfit and Blog Award

Yay!! I just received a blog award from the lovely Kimberlee at Live and Love Beauty. Thanks so much to Kimberlee and all my fab readers should head over there to check out her wonderful blog.

Thanks again!!

Tonight we went to a wedding of one of my husband's childhood friend. It was a beautiful beach wedding in Longboat Key, FL. I have never been to that area, it is so beautiful. If you have the opportunity to visit there, take it. It's a cute little beach town. Outfit was:
Dress: Express
Shoes: Steve Madden. I have had these for 2-3 years and they are almost totally worn out---I love them and want them to last another season--fingers crossed!!
Some pics on the beach...
Private residence of the bride's family friend, where the wedding was held...

It was a perfect day for a beach wedding---absolutely wonderful. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend thus far...xoxo

Outfit: Casual Night Out with Friends...

Last night I had dinner and drink plans with some old friends. We all used to work together about 6 years ago and have remained good friends---it's nice to have dinner and catch up on things every now and then. We started at P.F.Changs and ended up at Bar Louie---good times with great people! xo you guys!

Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: Express Barely Boot (these are my fave jeans!)
Shoes: Old Navy

Makeup: It didn't really photograph that well but I did a shimmery gold look. I have Stila's Ray (copper color shown below) in the crease and then used a light gold and almost a gold/white color on the lid. These were from my Smashbox Wish Palette (Numbers 3 and 7 shown below). Lips is Sephora's Impertinent Nude 24 wirh MAC Dazzleglass in Cruise Control.

The weekend is here my friends! I wish everyone a nice, relaxing, and enjoyable one. I am planning a flea market day today with my peep, then maybe a little pool time before heading to Longboat Key for a beach wedding. Can't wait---I love weddings! See you later!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, I am devoting this post to all things that are earth-friendly. In the last 5 years, I have made changes in my daily life that I believe are contributing to helping our Earth. I thought I'd share those with you today.

The change that has made the best impact on my life is reusable bags. I got mine from Green Kits and they hold tons! I can go to the store and by a weeks' worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for my husband and I (about $200) and carry everything by myself in one trip! This may not sound like a big deal but I live in a condo with a parking garage so making three or four trips takes time and effort. They aren't the most attractive but I they hold a lot and do their job.

Another area that I have changed is my light bulbs. I replaced our lights with CFL bulbs and to be honest, I have had two bulbs burn out since I changed these between the two different places we lived. They last way longer and the lighting isn't so yellow, as with traditional bulbs.

Some other ways I have changed is using Green Cleaners. I think this is great to not have toxins and heavy cleaning scents, especially if you have pets and children. Some of my faves are:

This companies has products that cut the grease and clean really well. For Earth Day they are offering Free Shipping. Check it out!
J.R Watkins This spray is amazing--smells and cleans great.

Lastly, I think these lunch bags are fabulous--and they are of course eco-friendly. It's so much better to bring your lunch in these cute eco-friendly bags, rather than a plastic grocery bag that is no good for our Earth!

They come in a lot of really cute colors and prints.

I hope you all are doing things in your everyday lives that will help the planet. Happy Earth Day!!
--now carpool and turn the lights off :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outfit: Go Green...

In honor or tomorrow being Earth Day I thought I would do a green look. For some this look may be too dramatic, or too much, especially for daytime but since I am off today (YAY!) I thought it couldn't hurt.

For the makeup, I only used my 120 palette for the eyeshadows. I used DiorShow  Blackout mascasa, Impertinent Nude lipstick by Sephora and a MAC LipGlass that is so worn, I couldn't see the title. It's a light coral with flecks of gold. (Sorry I couldn't be of more help.) Hope you like it.

I used the # 1circled for the crease, # 2 for the middle lid, # 3 for the inner corner and # 4 for the highlight under the brow. When I use shimmery shadows on the lid, I like to use a more matte shadow for the highlight. 

In keeping with the green theme, I threw this outfit together for some romping around. Since I am not working, I think I am going to run to Jo-Ann's and get a zipper and some fabric to hopefully (successfully) make something--maybe grab some lunch. I know some people do not like matching eye shadows with outfits but I don't think this is too matchy matchy and since I am with me, myself and I today---I'm rockin' it like there's no tomorrow.

Top: Target Liberty of London
Short: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Guess

So off I go to run some errands. I hope everyone gets over the hump A-OK!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lazy Saturday...

This Saturday has been a great relaxing Saturday. I started off the day wearing:

Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
Top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Old Navy, seen here
Makeup: I did the look I showed here, I really like these colors together.
I had originally planned on going to the gym and Sephora but once I saw the weather, I realized I just wanted to relax and hang out. It was overcast and slightly raining and I didn't feel like driving 45 minutes to an outdoor mall where Sephora is. My hubs has been talking how he had been craving Creme Brulee and since it's on my bucket list, I thought I'd give it a try. I ran to Target to get a kitchen torch and some ramekins then to Publix for some of the ingredients. I tried this recipe.

vanilla bean
orange zest
stirring the eggs and whipping cream
ready to go in the oven
fininshed baking--into the fridge to set
hubs torching the sugar (def the man's job lol)

We cooked a nice steak dinner complete with wine, potatoes and black eyed peas and after dinner, we dove into these little treats. They were surprisingly EXCELLENT. Hubs even said if it wasn't the best, it was tied for the best he'd ever had. I am ecstatic--it was fun to make and good, doesn't get much better than that.

poor baby was exhausted...

I hope everyone had a great day. It's supposed to be another rainy day tomorrow so I'm planning another nice, relaxing day. xoxo


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