Sunday, March 28, 2010

Turquoise Polish---fail!?

In an attempt to purchase a spring-y polish, I decided to choose a turquoise blue color. I hate to say but I am not a fan. Friday night the husband and I went to Coconut Point (LOVE) for a Sephora and Target quick shopping trip and then on to Hemingway's for yummy dinner (you should try this place--delish!). This color grabbed my attention and since its a little different, I though why not. The color is Sephora by OPI in Ocean Love Potion. I think it's not attractive for me, at least on the mani. Maybe this would work better only on the pedi---I did both.
(with flash)
(without flash)

What do you think? Is this a polish that should stay away? I just can't fully decide. Maybe only a pedi?!  Let me know what you think. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! xo Mere


  1. I have been eyeing that one in Sephora! I want it for pedicures...I think it looks great on you!

  2. @Andi-Yeah I think the manicure is too much. The color is really pretty so I am hoping it will look better once my tan returns ;-) Thanks!



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