Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loving Stila Kitten...

Stila Kitten Eyeshadow

I know I am late to this bandwagon as this is Stila's No. 1 seller but lately I have been loving Stila's Kitten Eyeshadow. It is a champagne-pink shimmer eyeshadow that I have found myself wearing almost everyday. The consistency is great and it goes on very pigmented, for a light shadow if that makes sense. I have been wearing a lot of nude looks lately and every morning I love it more and more!! This summer is going to be full of nude, bronzy looks and I think this is would be an awesome addition to anyone's summer make-up collection.

 I also have the Stila Kitten Smudge Pot which I use as a base or alone with a black liner and mascara. This promises for an easy, put together look. I don't have any pics because my I don't know how to take pictures of shimmer without looking like a disco ball but I am planning to do a tutorial this weekend---highly highly recommend...

On another note, polish of the week is one of my fave's from last year's OPI Miami line---Paint my Moji-toes Red...

(with flash)
This is a red with a slight coral hint, I really like it. I am not usually a red polish wearer but I feel this is a little more muted and just right for me. 

Last but not least, I purchased OPI Nail Polish Thinner at ULTA this weekend. I did not know this existed but I cannot wait to revive some old polish that has gotten a little too thick for wear. I'll keep you all posted...

Hope you are all having a great week. I think I am half asleep as I type this so please excuse any misspellings or ramblings...lol. We are almost there...


  1. Have you tried Urban Decay's eyeshadow in "Sin", it's a great neutral/champagne color with just the right amount of shimmer (NOT glitter!:D)

  2. @ Kaleido---No I haven't I'll have to try that one next. Thanks for the rec.

  3. Fun post! I love new make-up recs! I am assuming that Smudge Pot is very similar to the MAC Paint pots? I have been using the paint pot as a base too and am in love with it. Can't wait to see your tutorial!

    I agree that red is just right--I love the tinge of coral it is, very pretty!!

  4. @ Andi--Thanks so much. I do think it's very similar to the Paint Pots even though I have never used the MAC ones. Thanks again! xo

  5. I love Kitten! It also makes a great highlighter!!! ;)



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