Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have to say that seeing all of these braids on the latest and greatest brings me so much joy. A little piece of me goes back to my youth when my mother insisted I wear a braid to school most days---which of course I fought because that's me and I am stubborn. (Love you mom!) The braid has been seen everywhere from the Red Carpet to the girl next door and I think this look is so versatile. I love it!!

My fave way to wear it is a side braid (a la Jennifer Anistan in Love Happens--which is an adorable movie!) as my bangs are quite grown out and I haven't committed to cutting them again. This look can be done as a straight braid, like mine here, or a french braid wore more like a head band, which Lauren Conrad sported quite often on The Hills.

I also love the side braid like Audrina is wearing here. I think this look will be perfect for spring. 

Here are some other perfect ways to sport the braid this year to add something new and interesting to your hair.

What do you guys think of the braids? How are you planning to sport the braids this year, if at all? 

xo Mere


  1. I love braids and wish I knew how to do a french braid. I think Im gonna start trying to sport braids more. I like your idea but I also like the way some of the celebs have it the french way.

  2. Love your look! I love the soft, flowy braids, so fun.

  3. @Andi-Thanks! I really love the loose flowy braids also.

    @Jennifer-Once you learn the french braid, it's really easy. I actually taught myself. Maybe try some youtube videos. Good luck!

  4. Lovin' the braids! Very cute on you! I almost did one today a la LC because I think it would work better on "2nd day" hair (mine anyway). Definitely going to give this look some wear during the warmer months.

  5. @Jacki--Thanks!! The braids def hold best on 2nd day hair for me also.

  6. I am loving braids too!



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