Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I am Loving...Fab in Feb!

I’m not going to lie, this week has been rough. About this time, halfway though the busy-ness, I go a little crazy. I am tired of working long hours and tired of working six days a week. To top things off, I got a migraine after work yesterday. So in the 2-3 little hours I get to spend with my husband, they were spent lying in bed, crying and cursing at someone/anyone that may have wished this migraine upon me. So as I was sitting at work today, I was trying to stay positive which meant I decided I should blog! Yay!!

Here is a mosh-posh of stuff I have loved.seen.coveted.bought! Enjoy!!!

First up we have Sephora 2010 Spring Catalog! :::applause from the crowds:::

(1) Pink Lips!

This Spring hot pinks are going to be everywhere---especially lips. Sephora's catalog shows lots of cute option for pink lips. I have been drawn to the Smashbox Spring 2010 line since I first saw it and the pink lips in this advertisement especially.

 I finally broke down and bought the look and here it is! (after a long day of work--disregard everything but lips please!)

Lipstick: Smashbox Photo Finish Flirty
Lip Gloss: Smashbox Lip Shine in Berry Hot

(2) Green Polish! 

OPI by Sephora in Leaf Him at the Alter:

Illamasqua in Milf:
This color is very similar to Jade by Chanel that has been all of the rage for a few months now.

OPI in Jade is the New Black:

Secondly, after the recent chats on The Nest about cocktail rings, I just couldn’t resist. I ordered two rings from Banana Republic and I love them. One is an ivory colored rose with a crystal-esque leaf. So adorable and perfect to make any little outfit a little more darling.
The second ring is a bling-y flower (no pic yet). I love it! I think these little gems will be the perfect edition to make any going out outfit pop. I can’t wait to wear them. I am going to have a hard time deciding which to wear for my V-Day outfit. Maybe I’ll just be daring and wear one to work so as not to discriminate. Who says bank auditing isn’t the right environment for bling! (maybe everyone?!? Anyone!?!?)

In addition to these two rings, I also purchased some less expensive versions from Fred Flare

I have seen Kandee Johnson wearing this oversized yellow rose ring and I love it. I saw a similar version for about $12 and I couldn’t resist. They are en route now and should be arriving tomorrow, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

When I was browsing the Fred Flare website, I couldn’t pass up these little reminders of my childhood. I seriously think I had these circa 1988. Heart shaped glasses---who can resist! I cannot even image the look on the hubs face when I whip these bad boys out. HeHe! I think I’ll be sporting these on the way to work everyday just to make my morning a little brighter!

 Let’s see….let’s see…

Oh yeah---I have an idea for a make-up look that I am planning to wear for my upcoming Valentine’s day with the hubs (even though I have NO idea what we are doing or where we are going). I think I’ll do a practice run and post for your approval. It’s going to be a nude, glowing look, something different from my smokey eye norm. I was inspired somewhat from Victoria Beckham’s look on this cover of Glamour---she looks FAB!

Ok I think I have rambled enough for one night. Fill me in on how things are going with you all? Any new purchases?? Any exciting Valentine’s Plans?!? Please---I need a distractions LOL!



  1. I really love the pink lips. I think I may be going to Sephora even after my huge online purchase. Your bad influence of course ;) I can't wait to see the cocktail rings. Ok my break is over! Thanks for giving me a distraction-back to work!

  2. love the lip color and i love VB's spread in glamour! she is so posh! love her :)

  3. Fun post! So sorry about your migraine-ugh.
    Love those green polishes and pink lips too! My Glamour just came in the mail today, can't wait to look through it!

  4. Thanks girls.

    Heather--I only provide suggestions. You seem to get yourself into trouble also my friend ;-)

    Veronika--Posh is right. Her cover look is amazing and it's refreshing to see her not so polished.

    Andi--glad to see the USPS didn't fail this time. I always seem to forget about mag subs. when I move until 6 months after I have already moved.




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