Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Bucket List...

Bucket Lists. They sound quite morbid when you first think about it but once you begin to think a little harder, you will see that creating a Bucket List will bring out the most imaginative, creative creature ever. One day at work, I was bored and daydreaming the “What if I had a Bucket List?” question. I started to imagine all of the different things I would love to do. I swear, this experience is empowering and you learn what you really want in life. This experience made me think that the only boundaries we have in life are the ones we create for ourselves…

So without further ado, here is my bucket list….
  1. Attend Mardi Gras
  2. Be a contestant on Cash Cab
  3. Be a member in a talk show audience
  4. Be debt free
  5. Become a professor at a university
  6. Breathe fire
  7. Buy a house
  8. Celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square
  9. Compete in a triathlon
  10. Compete in the Muddy Buddy
  11. Design the perfect craft room
  12. Do a pull up
  13. Drink Frozen Hot Chocolate @ Serendipity in NY
  14. Find a beer I actually like
  15. Find a job doing what I love
  16. Fly around the world
  17. Get down to my ideal weight/size
  18. Get Lasik Surgery
  19. Get my CPA license
  20. Get my PhD
  21. Get published
  22. Go dog sledding
  23. Go horseback riding along the coast
  24. Go one month with soda without impacting my health
  25. Go skinny dipping in a waterfall
  26. Go to Fashion Week @ Bryant Park
  27. Go to Fashion Week in Paris
  28. Go wine tasting in Napa
  29. Grow an herb garden and actually cook with them
  30. Have a full day of spa treatments
  31. Have a healthy baby (or few)
  32. Have a picnic in Central Park in the fall
  33. Have a White Christmas
  34. Host a Christmas Dinner with all of my family
  35. Host a kick-ass dinner party
  36. Ice skate in Rockefeller Center
  37. Kiss my husband passionately in the pouring rain
  38. Learn another language (preferably French or Spanish)
  39. Learn ballroom dancing
  40. Learn to make a rose out of icing
  41. Learn to make Creme Brulee
  42. Learn to play the piano
  43. Learn to read music
  44. Learn to snowboard
  45. Live in another country
  46. Make the perfect chocolate croissant
  47. Master pilates classes
  48. Master the art of making a life size snow man
  49. Own a pair of Christian Louboutains
  50. Paint a mural
  51. Pay for the car behind me at the toll booth
  52. Plan my sister's wedding
  53. Reach over 100 followers on my blog
  54. Read over 30 books in one year
  55. Read some of Shakespeare's playwrights
  56. Renew my vows in Vegas
  57. Ride a camel
  58. Ride a gondola in Venice
  59. Ride in a hot air balloon
  60. Road trip across the United States
  61. Run a half marathon
  62. Run through a meadow of tulips
  63. See a Broadway show
  64. See an Olympic Event live
  65. See Niagara Falls
  66. See the 7 Wonders of the World
  67. See the Carnival/Parade in Rio de Janiero
  68. See the pyramids of Egypt
  69. Sew an outfit of my own design
  70. Shake hands with someone that has changed the world
  71. Ski indoors in Dubai
  72. Snorkel/scuba the Great Barrier Reef
  73. Spend an entire day in bed with my husband
  74. Stay at a 5-Star Resort Penthouse
  75. Stay overnight in a castle
  76. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  77. Swim with the dolphins
  78. Take a ride in the London Eye
  79. Take flying trapeze lessons
  80. Take pastry classes in Paris
  81. Throw a surprise birthday party
  82. Throw an awesome New Year's Eve Cocktail party
  83. Travel through the Panama Canal
  84. Try caviar
  85. Try indoor skydiving 
  86. Try spray tanning
  87. Try surfing
  88. Try zip lining
  89. Visit a nude beach
  90. Visit Fiji
  91. Visit Hawaii
  92. Visit Hollywood
  93. Visit Stonehenge
  94. Visit the Grand Canyon
  95. Visit the leaning tower of Pisa
  96. Volunteer to ring the bell at Christmas
  97. Watch a meteor shower
  98. Watch the sunrise from a beach
  99. Win an arm wrestling match
  100. Win big in Vegas
  101. Write a book
  102. Write a bucket list
Just by making this list/post, I have already crossed one item off of my list. Only 100 more to go---Wish me luck!!

I challenge you to create you own Bucket List---the idea of possibly fulfilling each of these makes me so excited. Talk to you all later…I have to get busy!!!

Xo Mere


  1. Ok I cheated :) love it! Stay tuned for mine!

  2. Love your list! We have a few in common (hello Lasik!). Hawaii is definitely worth a visit, you will love it! Hmm I think I'll work on my list tomorrow! :)



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