Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking ahead...

I have been reading about Spring trends a lot lately and all of this talk of spring has me excited for the upcoming months. I want warm weather and slowed down workload and pool time every weekend. In looking forward to these things I have some things I have my eye on that I want to get for this spring/summer...

First off I must say that Michael Kors is my favorite designer based on personality, with DVF a close second. Everything I have seen of him, both on and off Project Runway, seem so genuine and absolutely funny I love him (and his fabulous analogies)! Not only do I love him, I love his handbags, sunglasses, belts, and well most of his stuff. In search for anything and everything, I came across this purse and I am in love. The color is amazing and so light and fresh and the shape is refreshingly different for me also. I tend to buy large boxy purses but I think this could be an awesome addition to my collection.

In addition to this Michael Kors bag, I am also looking for a large brown/tan bag. I am picturing something like this one from Banana. I really think something like this will be good for everyday since I usually carry stuff for work, something to snack on, and a water bottle at any given moment. I think having a larger, more structured bag will be a nice contrast to any floral, flirty items.

This dress from Anthro is so unusual for me but I weirdly love it. I think it's so adorable and would look amazing with a wide brown or neutral belt, a cardi, and some platforms or booties. Love it! 

Recently I have been informed (by the hubs) that I am pasty. I know I should be concerned with looking tan and just enjoy my light complexion but I hate it. I think I look thinner and healthy with a nice glow. I am stubborn about this so we will just move on from this and look at some bikinis that I am dying to have. I can just picture myself (minus 5-8 lbs) tanning by the pool in the baking Florida sun (with a drink and magazine in hand)...
This one is bright and looks fun. These types of tops usually work best for me...
...and who can say no to sequins!

I have had really good luck with VS bathing suit and they are my go to place. They have great selection and really good return policy.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but I totally started this blog with no plan in place. I usually have an idea of where I want to go but tonight I am winging it...not sure if it's the wonderful martini my husband made for me when I got home or not.

Any specific items you have seen that you can't wait to have for spring/summer---share a link below! Have a great rest of the week---the hump is so close!



  1. I saw the lilac Michael Kors bag in an ad in Glamour this evening and fell in love! So pretty and sweet!

  2. I love the last bathing suit you posted! The back is awesome. I am not usually a fan of Michael Kors in general, but I like the color of that bag. Can't wait for the warmer weather!!



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