Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future projects for Summer...

As most of you know, I have recently become interested in sewing and due to my so new skills, I have been taking it easy. I have only sewed two skirts successfully but I am committing to begin perfecting my skills this summer. I have "ordered" a dress form from the hubs for my b-day ;-) and to give me even more to look forward to, JoAnn's had all of their patterns on sale of $1 so I bought the max, 10! These patterns usually run from $10-$15 each so to say the least, I was pumped when I heard the news. Take a look at what I got, I was able to find all but one online. I cannot wait to begin these project once I stop working Saturdays!

This is my fave one. This jersey dress looks so light and summery. I think this is going to be my first project on tap. This jacket also is adorable. I think I may scrap the ties on it but overall adorable.

Here are some others---let me know which you love and which you are not too fond of. I cannot wait for this opportunity to learn and grow my ability. One day maybe I'll trade in my Microsoft Excel for a sewing machine...lol!

Every option with this pattern I adore. The ruffle dress is fabulous and the tops/skirt separates would be perfect for work...

This one I think looks cute and would be great for a daytime church or brunch dress. I don't know how much I would wear something like this but overall I think it's cute...

This dress may have to be the last thing I make because that collar looks challenging but I think it's worth it. All possibly choices for this dress are nice and I'd love to make any of them...

Love this skirt and since I have made a tulip skirt, I think this is a def do-able project...

I see the perfect summer dress or beach cover up in this white look and the others as well...

The dress on the left would be perfect for work in the spring/summer...

The dress on the left looks cute for work and the one on the right looks like the cutest little party dress...

Love these tunics...

So there you have it...Hopefully I will be posting pictures of these finished project soon. Only time will tell. I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!



  1. Love those Cynthia Rowley patterns!

  2. Oh, I love that jersey dress! Man, I would make one of those in every color and wear them all summer, it looks so comfy and cute. And I really like the ruffled neckline one, too. What a fun project! I hope you will post pictures! :)

  3. Yay! You ordered the dress form! That is going to be so exciting. I can't wait for busy season to end so I can see all your new projects and maybe buy a few :)

  4. This is so cool! What a fun project/hobby this will be! Can't wait to see your creations!

  5. I know. Trust me I will def be posting pics of anything that comes out decent. I cannot wait!!! Xo



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