Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Week of Wish...

This week I have been in Atlanta for work and due to the fact that Delta charged me $90!! yes $90 for excess baggage fee, I decided to cut down on everything I pack. I packed the bare minimum for everything. This means that I did not pack a makeup look for every day and therefore I thought the Smashbox Wish Palette would be perfect. I have not got the opportunity to use the Wish palette yet so I was pretty excited. Overall I like the palette and I think the looks in the idea book are cute. My only complaint is that some of the pigments are not highly pigmented.

Here is my "Week of Wish".

Tuesday: Classic Smokey Eye

This look used all of the colors on the far right column. This has been my favorite look of the week. I usually don't wear eye liner during the day but this cream liner looked really good all day. I wear glasses to work so me wearing darker/more intense looks isn't so prominent behind my glasses. I really like this look.

Wednesday: Daytime Chic

This look was more of a brown with purple accent. This look was pretty good too. I liked it overall. I don't think normally I would have ever paired a brown lid color with purple accent liner. Excuse the wet hair look, I air dried with some wave spray. I was still stuffed up on Tuesday and wasn't up to the whole hair regimen today.

Thursday: Lucious Lilac

I must say that this look turned out pretty good but I was not pleased during the application. The purple for the lid color, second one down on the left, looked like it should have been so bright and its was so muted. I put a lot of the purple on and eventually mixed it with the darker one to get more color.  I must say I was disappointed. The end result was cute and I think I would do this look with some other more pigmented colors again.

Friday: Wish Signature Smokey Eye

I know I know, another smokey eye but what can I's my thing. This smokey eye has a gold lid with pink and more dark purples for the smudging. This also was a really cute look. Definitely one that I like and would do again. The good thing about this look is that I can substitute the pink for any other cool color that I may be feeling at any given moment. I likey!

Overall I am pleased with this palette, I think this is a good palette for an eyeshadow newbie as it has instructions, primer, and a wide variety of shadows. This palette was available over the holidays but is now available at Smashbox for only $33. I believe it was $44 during the holidays. I didn't see any leftovers at ULTA or Smashbox so if you are interested, the Smashbox site is your best bet.

So as a disclaimer, I must say that all pictures that are taken of me during this time period in my life are crap. I look tired and overall disinterested. This is not the case, I am so excited to do my makeup and post it for you lovely ladies.

Its the weekend so enjoy. Have some wine, take a bubble bath, and get lost in your fave book. I know I will.


  1. Cool! I actually bought this but ended up returning it to get the Wish for the Perfect Palette. This seems like the perfect solution for travel. Fun post!!

  2. I just did the wish signature eye this morning and loved it! I think it may be my fave too. I put the gray in the crease and it worked perfect :)



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