Friday, January 1, 2010

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial...

I have decided to do a smokey eye tutorial which was requested by a friend of mine. I wanted to show options so I did one eye a little lighter than the other and I did a brown eye and a blue eye. I think pretty much any dark colors will work for a smokey eye, just depends on your preference and your attire. Please keep in mind this is my first tutorial so let me know what you think and ways I can improve! Let's get started...

First eye will be the brown, lighter smokey eye:

For both looks, a primer should be used to help keep the shadow in place and to not crease and also to intensify the pigments. I am using Two Faced Shadow insurance but Urban Decay Primer Potion is another good option.

Using Two Faced baked shadow in Cocoa Comet and a domed, crease brush make a dark outer "V" using small circular motions.

Using a smudge brush, either of these will work, line the lower 2/3's of your eye with the same brown as above.

Using a shadow brush and a lighter tan color, dab the color onto the lid of the eye. I am using Smashbox color peach from a trio. If you want the look to be darker, you could use a darker shade or simply take the Cocoa color over the lid. Taking the dome crease brush and using whatever brown is leftover on the brush, blend out the dark crease towards the inside of the eye to darken the eye and blend out the lighter color.

Using an angled flat brush and Stila Smudge Pot in bronze, make a thicker liner line along the top lash line and the lower 2/3's of the eye. I make the top line pretty thick. You could use a typical brown liner for this also. Using the smudger brush again, go over the liner a couple of times to smudge out the liner.

At this point you should highlight your eyes using a neutral color. I forgot this step when I was doing mine so you will see I have mascara on but I usually highlight my eyes at this time. I am using the same shadow brush that I wiped on a damp cloth to get rid of the other colors and Benefit shadow in Low Profile. Apply the shadow under the brow and in the inner corner. I usually pick a color without shimmer for the highlight since most of my eyeshadow looks have shimmer in them. You can see below how the dark brown shadow is blended out and the harsh line is soften.

Now apply mascara, I usually do two coats if I am going for a dramatic look. I used DiorShow Blackout but a good drugstore alternative is Lash Blast by CG. And here is the finished look...

Now onto the darker blue look. I did these two different eyes at the same time so in some of these pics you can see the brown on the other eye---don't mind that. Also please disregard by crazy ass eyebrows lol. These instructions are very similar to the previous one so I am not going to be as detailed---ask any questions :-)

Starting with the dome crease brush again and Smashbox shadow in ink, I created a dark "V" to the outer lid.

Using a slightly lighter blue from my 120-palette and a shadow brush, dab the blue over the middle section of the lid.

Using an even lighter blue and the same shadow brush dab shadow on the inner section of the lid.

Using the dome brush and with whatever dark shadow is left on the brush, blend out the shadow by swiping the brush into the crease.

Using a smudge brush and the ink shadow, apply shadow to the outer lower lid and use the light blue shadow and apply to the inner lower lid. Blend where the two shadows meet.

Using a white shadow and the shadow brush, apply the shadow under the brow and to the inner corner. Blend out the dark blue to soften the line.

Apply liner to the upper and lower lids and smudge with the smudger brush. I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero.

Apply mascara and you are good to go!

And to top off the face, I applied MAC Mineralized blush in Superduper Natural and MAC Dazzleglass in Cruise Control. The eyes look pretty funny but I wanted to put a whole look picture up. Maybe close one eye and tilt your head and it will look normal ;-).

All done! Hope you like it and let me know what you think! Happy Friday!


  1. I love the colors you used! What mascara did you use? Your lashes look amazing!

  2. Thanks so much both of you! The mascara is DiorShow Blackout. It's my fave!!

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