Thursday, January 7, 2010

Siete cosas sobre mi...

Seven things about me. I was tagged by the lovely Veronika to post seven randoms about me and since I am in Atlanta, its snowing with nothing to blog, sitting in a hotel room alone, here I go...

(1) I'll first start out with the most important thing to me--the husband. My husband and I met in high school through my best friend. He was "dating" her and I was "dating" his best friend. I have dating in " " due to the fact that what really is dating at the age of 14-15. We started talking and we have been together ever since---that's right. We have been together over 12 years and as much as I think I will regret this, here is a before and after pic.

(Ah So embarrassing!)

(2) I am very creative and love all thing crafting. I like sewing, painting, photography, and scrapbooking. I could easily take a month off of work and do nothing but projects. I have seen paintings at stores like Pier One that I loved and been inspired to paint something similar for my home (which technically may be copyright infringement?! Who knows). As you have seen in other posts, I am beginning to sew and would love to be able to make dresses and skirts that are the perfect fit, design, and fabric for me. When I was first out of college and had the "OMG I am an adult" nervous breakdown, I made a business plan to open a scrapbook store. I had everything decided and mapped out. All I was missing was the experience and money (at least in my opinion lol). My husband is a really great photographer and had a picture, seen below, selected by a national trust company to use at their Christmas cards last year. Love love love creativity!

This is the old federal courthouse in town that is now a performing arts center.

(3) I love TV. I love my TIVO and would be lost without it. I watch some really good shows and then of course I find myself watching the shows that are really not that good but are so addicting. My fave show of all time is Friends. I have seen all of these episodes at least a hundred times each and I can quote any scene and relate the show to most situations in my life---pathetic I know ;-)  Sex and the City is another show that I have watched since the beginning and have seen so much. Currently on my fave show list are: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Project Runway, 90210, The Hills, The City, Gossip Girl, So You Think You Can Dance, Biggest Loser, and I think that's all I can think of now. I love watching TV and a Sunday afternoon spent in PJ's catching up on lost TV is a perfect day for me.

(4)  I am left-handed and think that leads to my creativity. I get this from my mom, who is also left-handed along with one of my two brothers, and my sister. So out of the 6 people in my family, 4 of us are lefties, pretty unusual I think considering only 7-10% of the population is left handed.

(5)  I hate inconsiderate people. This is my pet peeve and the level ranges from the people that throw trash out car windows to people imposing on my life. I hate when people do not spend 15 seconds to consider if their actions affect or impose onto the lives of others before acting. I equate this to selfishness and it really bugs me. My husband tells me this peeve causes me a lot of grief because I am continually surprised when people constantly let me down in this area. I would like to consider myself a very considerate person as I am constantly aware of my actions. I'm getting annoyed just writing that little blurb :-)

(6)  At the ripe old age of 27 I have grey hair! Not one or two but a lot...well maybe a lot is a little dramatic but if you were to look through the top of my head, I bet you could see 20 hairs within like 3 minutes. This has happened in the last year or two and it really surprises me. I am actually going to dye my hair back dark all one color very shortly to get rid of highlights and to cover grey---cannot believe it myself.

(7)  I'm addict to Coke---not the narcotic but rather the soda. I know its horrible for your health, body, teeth, and everything else but I love it. I crave the taste and the caffeine. For my NY Resolution I have promised myself only one a day but I could easily have 3-5 Coke's a day. Love is not even the word!

There ya go---7 things about me. That was a little harder than I thought to come up with. I think most of the bloggers I read have done this but if you haven't I am tagging you now---post 7 things about you so we can get a glimpse of life in your world.


  1. Cutest. pic. ever!!!!
    I love that you 2 have been together so long, how precious!!!
    I also love coke, love it. Not diet, the real, good stuff. YUM!

  2. great post! I think it's so cute how you guys dated in HS and are now married :)

  3. You are so funny! Happy to say I knew most of those :)

  4. Andi - Glad to see I am not alone...must be us girls from the south ;-)

    Thanks Veronika!

    Heather - you should know all of these. We are together WAY too much. You could have prob written this for me lol!

  5. oh my that picture of you and Teddy...

    is awesome brought tears to my eyes... \

    Teddy is the most awesome person and what better person for him to share his life with than an incredible, beautiful, creative hard working woman that you are... thank you Meredith for loving him the way you do.



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