Tuesday, January 5, 2010


...Nike +

As part of wanting to be overall healthy in the new year, I am trying out Nike +. This year will be my fourth busy season in public accounting and every year I gain 5-10 lbs during this time. I usually work 60 + hours, six days a week and we eat out a lot. While this fact pattern is not likely to change, I am able to change how I handle my workouts. I was thinking of ways I could fit workouts into my weeks and I was trying to think of ways my plans have failed in the past. So long story short--I decided that my attempts to visit the gym during this time usually fail and therefore running could be a perfect way to squeeze some exercise in.

My friend, H, introduced my to Nike + and I love it. With the 3GS iPhone, all of the workouts are tracked and synced to Nike + website through iTunes. I even have a mini-me that gets super excited when I workout. I can see my friends workouts too and even join challenges. I am currently entered into two challenges against people all over the world.

I really love technology and this is a way for me to workout and have a little fun. What are some ways you are trying to stay healthy in 2010?!


  1. I saw this in a shoe store the other day. Great idea! I swear, running is the fastest and most effective way I know of to melt the fat away. I heart it. Good Luck!!

  2. Thanks. I really need something to keep me healthy. I am hoping running does the trick---I am actually jogging but hopefully I'll build stamina to the running point. :-)



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