Sunday, December 6, 2009

MAC Goodies and a Wishlist Item...

This is a little delayed but before I left for vacation, I ran to MAC to grab some lip glosses and ended up with a Holiday Collection of Lip Glosses and a Mineralized Blush. I have been using them all religiously and LOVE LOVE LOVE them all.

First the blush I got is Mineralized Blush in 'SuperDuper Natural'. Here is a swatch of it. It's adds a nice rosy tint to the apples of my cheeks. I would show a pic but I find blush is hard to get a true color in a pic. This is my first MAC blush and so far, so good.

The lip collection I bought is the lightest of the three palettes available. It is the Sexy Shenanigans Soft Collection which included Cruise Control, Poetic License, Elle, Morning Glory and Ensign. Love all of the colors. While some of them are similar, they each offer a different tone depending on the look I'm going for. This would also be a great gift for a Secret Santa or a Stocking Stuffer.

On a different note, there is quite drama going on in my makeup drawer. It's total chaos, no organization and I only have one draw which is getting crowded. I even forget I have some of the products. In addition to the drawer of makeup, I have TONS of polishes that are thrown in a make-up bag under the bathroom cabinet. Overall I need a makeup makeover.

On my Christmas list is a makeup train case and I have found some really cute alternatives if any of you are in the market for one as well.

Sephora Metro Train Case seen here for $92:

ULTA Japonesque Medium Case for $60:

Yazmo this case for $70:

It's really hard to say which is best as I haven't used any of these but I am hoping to get something, I can't take the chaos much longer. Do any of you have a makeup case/organization system that seems to be working now? Please recommend :-)


  1. I want that sephora case! just showed it to hubby lol

  2. I hope you get it--I'm sure you've been good all year ;-) Or at least good enough lol



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