Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Outfits...

For Christmas Eve, we went to Candlelit service at our church. My mom and all of my siblings and their significant others were in attendance. We then went to my mom's for dinner where the food was, as always, amazing. We ate, exchanged gifts, and overall enjoyed each others company.

At the age of 27, every year it surprises me how Christmas comes faster and faster. I'm amazed at where the year has gone and how much time has past since we have last seen our relatives, both near and far. Life just happens sometimes and I love the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the company of friends and family. Love them all...

On to the outfit I wore to church. We were in a rush out of the door (my mom threaten our lives if we were late to church again this year) so I didn't get a lot of pics or very detailed pics but you get the idea.

The skirt is from Old Navy and is a tulip skirt. I received it in the mail on Wednesday, just in time to wear to church. The cami and cardigan are both from Banana Republic and I love them! The ruffles on the cardigan add just the perfect touch of femininity. The heels, also see here, are from Kelly and Katie available at DSW. The jewelry is costume jewelry from a few years ago and the headband is one that I have made.

I can't seem to find links to any of the pieces so here are my own close ups:

Christmas Day:
Christmas Day started with the husband and I opening gifts. We then went to my dad's house and had a nice brunch and opened gifts there as well. We then we spend time with my husband's dad's family. His dad has a big family and they always guarantee a great time.

Christmas outfit was a little more casual---top from Banana Republic, jeans are Barely Boot style from Express, shoes are a point-toe flat from Steve Madden. (Even Fitz wanted to get in the shot for my outfit. He has a good Christmas too --- his stocking was filled with bones, treats, and rawhide.

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