Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is here...

Well this weekend I was finally able to get my Christmas Decorations up even though I had to neglect my finals in doing so. I love bringing out all of the decor, it brings back so many memories both with my husband and memories of being a child. Christmas has always been huge to my family. When I was a kid, my mom changed the entire house decor, even the bathrooms. I loved it and still do today!

My tree, like many of yours, hold ornaments from all sorts of memories.

My Wedding Ornament:

Some faves:

(it's boxers and lingerie)
Some other decorations around the house:
Bar Stools:


I even decorated my "family tree":

My card holder (come on guys---I'm waiting for more!):

Ornaments in a trifle dish (hard to see):

Even my nails are in the spirit (OPI Glove You So Much):

Merry Christmas all!!!


  1. Everything looks great! Love your tree, and ornaments and the barstools look awesome! Glove You So Much is amazing, I may go pick it up tomorrow :)

  2. Thanks! It has become one of my faves lately!



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