Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009---it's been just fine...

So in the spirit of the New Year, I thought I'd do a review of 2009 from my perspective, an idea from A&W. 2009 has been filled with exciting, sad, and stressful emotions, with everything in between.


We rang in the New Year with some sushi and a downtown block party. The New Year is always bittersweet to me---celebration: YAY! working 6 days a week 60+ hours: BOO! Oh well that's the nature of the beast. Oh yeah---and I got the scores for section of the CPA--PASS! Woo hoo! 1 to go!


For Valentine's Day, hubby and I met some friends from the Cayman Islands in Miami and had a nice little get-a-way for the weekend. We ate at Vix at Hotel Victor which was horrible and I would never recommend it to anyone. But the night was fun as we played pool and shared some drinks. Love V-day with my lovely!

March, April, May:

Unfortunately this says it all---I was looking through old pictures trying to remember what I did during these months and couldn't really recall and it's because I was studying---day and night. All day and night. I had one section left in this crazy journey.


June was prob one of the best months of my life. I was done studying for the CPA exam, assuming I passed and its the month of mine and my husband's birthday. Also I had the summer off of work to pursue a Master's degree so I had a lot of time to myself--a nice change from Jan-April. So a couple days before my birthday, I was driving home from school and my husband called to inform me that I had received my last CPA score and I passed!!!! I am finished! This journey has been 3 years long and has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. As I was driving, I broke out in hysterical crying---definitely a memorable moment. To make things even better, my husband had so much confidence that I would pass, he already bought me a congrats card with a "key" for the car of my choice---therefore the last pic. For the birthday/CPA exam, my husband bought me an Audi---love him! So in short---loving June 2009!

Oh and I love the dress I wore on my birthday---its a maxi from Victorias Secret. Next time I wear it, I'll post an outfit of the day post!

July & August:

Vacations to Bahamas and Little Cayman Island----need I say more!


The start of my blog---which I can say I am loving. While I may not have the most exciting blog, it's an outlet and I enjoy it truly.


Zombiecon and Halloween---I love LOVE love dressing up so October is exciting for me with the anticipation of these events.


In celebration of our third anniversary, we went to Beaver Creek CO which is where we honeymoon-ed. Great weather and great time!


Merry Christmas! December, like always, was a blur. I had a great Christmas and so did many people I spoke with. Shows that even during the recession, people can come together and remember what matters most.

I hope you all had a great 2009! I know I did but I am welcoming 2010 with open arms!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


...first day mascara!

My wonderful husband...

(love this pic--he is so smiley)
bought me another tube of my beloved DiorShow Blackout mascara for Christmas and I used the new tube for the first time today. I forget how much I love Love LOVE new mascara. I think the other one graudally gets crappy so by the time I use a new one, I have forgotten and I fall in love all over again.

I know some people hate using new about you?!

Thats it---boring post I know, just wanted to share.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Outfits...

For Christmas Eve, we went to Candlelit service at our church. My mom and all of my siblings and their significant others were in attendance. We then went to my mom's for dinner where the food was, as always, amazing. We ate, exchanged gifts, and overall enjoyed each others company.

At the age of 27, every year it surprises me how Christmas comes faster and faster. I'm amazed at where the year has gone and how much time has past since we have last seen our relatives, both near and far. Life just happens sometimes and I love the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the company of friends and family. Love them all...

On to the outfit I wore to church. We were in a rush out of the door (my mom threaten our lives if we were late to church again this year) so I didn't get a lot of pics or very detailed pics but you get the idea.

The skirt is from Old Navy and is a tulip skirt. I received it in the mail on Wednesday, just in time to wear to church. The cami and cardigan are both from Banana Republic and I love them! The ruffles on the cardigan add just the perfect touch of femininity. The heels, also see here, are from Kelly and Katie available at DSW. The jewelry is costume jewelry from a few years ago and the headband is one that I have made.

I can't seem to find links to any of the pieces so here are my own close ups:

Christmas Day:
Christmas Day started with the husband and I opening gifts. We then went to my dad's house and had a nice brunch and opened gifts there as well. We then we spend time with my husband's dad's family. His dad has a big family and they always guarantee a great time.

Christmas outfit was a little more casual---top from Banana Republic, jeans are Barely Boot style from Express, shoes are a point-toe flat from Steve Madden. (Even Fitz wanted to get in the shot for my outfit. He has a good Christmas too --- his stocking was filled with bones, treats, and rawhide.

Merry Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas!
I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa was good to you all----even if you weren't good all year 'round!

...from my family to yours

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Outfit of the day...

So I thought I'd try to start doing outfits of the day. It's hard because I don't have a floor length mirror but I figured out the husband's tripod so here we go.

This is my first time wearing colored tights. I have been dying to wear some and I had a little trouble making an outfit. I need to get some work dresses that are neutral that I can pair with colored tights but here is my attempt. Please excuse the tired eyes---it was 6:30 this morning. :-)

Only 3 days to Christmas!! Can't the holidays and spending time with all my family.

Skirt: Ann Taylor Suit
Top: Banana Republic Plum (kind of hard to see)
Tights: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party Outfit...

The husband and I went to Tampa with some co-workers for my office party. But before I talk about what I wore I must update you on my 2nd to latest ;-)  makeup purchase. I ordered the 120 palette 2nd Ed. from BhCosmetics and I got it Thursday and this is my first experience using it. I love the pigment of the colors, I swatched a couple colors on my hand when I first opened it and without primer, they were so brilliant. So far I am in love. They also have a 1st Ed. 120 Palette and a couple other 88 palettes with shimmers and mattes. This one I bought has both shimmer and matte colors, which also drew me in to buy it. I know it's late but this would make a great gift for any make-up lush in your life.

I love the annual Holiday party at my company. I work with great people and it's nice to have an opportunity to see people that work in the other firm offices.

Dress: Express tube bubble hem
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shoes: Kelly & Katie
Necklace: My own creation with brooch from NY&Co.

Face: Maybelline Liquid Dream Foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless in Petal
Blush: MAC mineralized in Super Duper Natural, Stila Illuminating Blush in Rose Gold
Eyes: Two Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Young Punk for crease
Medium Purple and Light Purple from 120 palette
Highlight Benefit eyeshadow in Low Profile
Black Liner from UD 24/7 in zero
DiorShow Black Out Mascasa
Lips: MAC Dazzleglass in Elle

Nails: OPI Visions of SugarPlum:

I hope all of your Holiday Parties are going/have gone well. Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 12, 2009

8 Most Worn Items...

After watching a YouTube post from allthatglitter21, I thought I'd do a blog post for my 8 most worn items. While we usually blog about product we love, listing the products we actually use says a lot about what we like.

1) Most Worn Lipstick/Lipgloss: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment I have already posted a blog about this product so I won't go into detail but I'll just say I love it!! I actually bought another tube today!!

2) Most Worn Earrings: Small White Gold Hoops. My husband proposed in October of 2005 and we were getting married in November of 2006. On the anniversary of our engagement, my husband bought me cute white gold hoop earrings. They are quite small but have so much sentimental value and I wear them on most days.

3) Most Worn Shirt: Old Navy Tank. My most worn shirt is this tank. It is the perfect shirt. I wear it with jeans and heels or flats for a great casual look, with running shorts to the gym, around the house as pj's, or even under sweater as a type of cami. I own probably 10 tanks in varying colors and always could use more. Definitely recommend this tank, and for the prcie---it can't be beat!

4) Most Worn Nail Polish: OPI Dark Purples, my most commons are not just one color but more like a family of colors. Eiffel for this Color, Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, Sapphires in the Snow are the favorites right now.

5) Most Worn Shoes: Banana Republic Grey Renee Wedges. These shoes are most worn, I probably wear them twice a week to work. They are so comfortable and go with a lot of different outfits. I saw these when they were full price ($120) and I didn't think they were worth it so I waited until they were $70. Knowing what I know now, they are definitely worth the $120. They have about a 4" wedge but you would never know it from the comfortability.

6) Most Worn Hair Product: Fredric Fekkai Coiff Toussel Wave Spray. My hair has a slight wave and this spray gives me a beachy wave look with minimal effort. I can air dry my hair about 50% of the way, spray this, scrunch and go. Love it!

7) Most Worn Perfume: Calvin Klein Euphoria. With a light floral and fruity scent, this perfume is a great everyday perfume. My favorite is Michael Kors but I don't wear it during the day as it is quite strong.

8) Most Worn Handbag: Michael Kors. I got this purse over the summer and have been carrying it religiously every since. The bag is worn in perfectly now, the size is perfect to fit all of my necessities without being bulky.

For all of you bloggers out there, I tag you to do your 8 most worn items. Enjoy!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is here...

Well this weekend I was finally able to get my Christmas Decorations up even though I had to neglect my finals in doing so. I love bringing out all of the decor, it brings back so many memories both with my husband and memories of being a child. Christmas has always been huge to my family. When I was a kid, my mom changed the entire house decor, even the bathrooms. I loved it and still do today!

My tree, like many of yours, hold ornaments from all sorts of memories.

My Wedding Ornament:

Some faves:

(it's boxers and lingerie)
Some other decorations around the house:
Bar Stools:


I even decorated my "family tree":

My card holder (come on guys---I'm waiting for more!):

Ornaments in a trifle dish (hard to see):

Even my nails are in the spirit (OPI Glove You So Much):

Merry Christmas all!!!


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