Friday, October 30, 2009

Zombies are out...

So I absolutely LOVE dressing up for the Halloween season and luckily my husband and I get two chances this year. We had an event called Zombiecon in Fort Myers where everyone dresses like zombies, drinks, dances, and just has a good time. This year I went with a friend, my sister, and the hubby. I got inspired for a makeup look from YouTube vid of MissChevious.

So here are some pics from the night. Enjoy!

(I was told zombie's don't smile so I was looking scary---but personally I think I just look confused lol)

My hubby was talented enough to cut, rip, and bloody the clothes--what talent! So on this Halloween Eve I wish you all Happy Hauntings!

Tomorrow I am dressing as a mermaid so those pics won't be as traumatizing LOL. Good night!

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