Sunday, October 18, 2009

Successful Sewing Adventure

Well today I have completed my first successful sewing project. I have attempted dresses in the past but they either fell apart or were 5 sizes too small but today all that has changed. After browsing JCrew, I found a wool mini-skirt that I thought was super cute:

Well to say the least, I didn't want to pay $88 for the skirt and the color I wanted, gray, is already sold out. I was thinking how hard could it really be to make a skirt and therefore the adventure began.

The husband and I embarked on a journey to Jo-Ann's Friday night in search of material and pattern for a simple mini-skirt. I found a pattern from McCall's that I really liked and thought would work great (the brown mini).

I found a grey wool fabric that would be perfect. I gave the clerk the fabric and had her cut me 2 yards---after browsing the other fabrics to ensure I picked the perfect one, the clerk proceeded to inform me that the fabric is $25 per yard---$50! I am by no means a fabric connoisseur and therefore the reason of my surprise with the price of wool. After much searching, I found three fabrics in the sale section that would be great, a black & grey houndstooth, a brown plaid, and a greyish-blue plaid.

I started with the houndstooth and I don't know if I was really into it or what but everything was working great with minor hiccups here and there. I took a pic when I started and then forgot pics until it was finished--

Let me know what you think---I am thinking of pairing it with a funky black or white T such as these---

tights, and boots/booties. Here is the final project---can't wait to wear it out. I'm not 100% sure how much I trust myself----maybe I'll have a backup when I go out wearing it LOL.

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