Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Headband Trend...

I know this trend has been popular for a while but I am still loving it. I have accumulated quite a collection of various headband from crazy to subtle, to purchased to DIY. I think a headband offers the opportunity to dress an outfit up, give an everyday look some more personality or even just make one feel pretty. I know recently on GG, Blair Waldorf has been told to shed her headband, she is in college now. But I am 27 and just can't get over it. Here are some of my faves - purchased and DIY alike... (I use a tissue box holder to keep them organized).

I actually made one for my bestie this weekend so here is a little DIY for you all...

What you will need:
A headband, about 0.5-1.0 inch thick
Satin ribbon, any color you choose, 1 inch or wider for a more dramatic bow
Fabric glue

Cut a piece of ribbon about 20-24 inches---I usually cut it too long but better safe than sorry. Form the ribbon for one side of the bow. You can pin it as you make each loop or you can pin it in the center once the whole side is made. The ribbon was really slippery today so I actually put a dot of glue between each loop as I went.
This is what it looks like after the first side is complete. If you didn't glue as you went, I would dab a small amount of glue on the inside folds of the loop. Repeat the loops for the other side with the continuing ribbon. When you finish with the loops, you should have something like this. Be sure to pin this even if you have glued to make sure the glue has set.
At this point, place glue between every fold, be careful not to put too much as it will leak out when you press. I cut the end about 1 1/2 inches from the bow into a "V" by folding the ribbon length-wise and cutting at an angle.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 2-3 inches long and fold it in a tri-fold. You are going to need to fold a third of the ribbon in so the shiny side is facing out and glue the third in, then fold the other third over so the outer seams are folded onto the inside of the ribbon and glue. This gets messy and kind of hard to work with depending on you ribbon thickness. I do the tri-fold so the edge of the ribbon doesn't show. If you don't mind the edge, you could fold in half. Or if you have a smaller width of ribbon in the same or contrasting color, you could use that.
Once you have the piece glued, wrap it around the center of the bow the glue to the back of the bow. I always have way more ribbon than needed because sometimes the glue will come through the ribbon and I like to be able to cut any bad pieces off. You should be able to remove all pins now.

Take the bow and glue to the headband where ever you would like it. I put mine off to the side. This glue pictured above is amazing. I have glued fabric and headbands and have had no problems so no worries...
And the finished project...

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