Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In reading my November issue of Glamour, I stumbled across an article about confidence that was quite intriguing. The article offers some great advice that all women should follow to become confident in seven different areas of our lives, such as in who we are, in our skin, in our style, under extreme stress, at any party, in bed, and in what we think. 

I have found that in recent years, I have become more confident in several of these areas in my life and I think I can contribute a lot of that confidence to my awesome husband, who is always having faith in me even when I can't find the faith in myself. Having someone in your life that believes in you, helps to create this confidence that will carry you far in life.

I have had an awesome year with passing the CPA exam but that journey was long, hard, taxing, and more than once I tried to give up. My husband was there, usually with an iron fist, making me see that I have what it takes. He supported me by being married to a person hiding behind an office door studying for hours on end, a person that has a break-down from stress at least one a month during studying. He drove me to the tests, comforted me when I failed, & bought me balloons and flowers to congratulate me when I passed sections. Most importantly, he believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. 

In this journey I have learned that being confident does help you to accomplish your goals. We have to be confident and love who we are because if we don't love and believe in ourselves, other people won't either.

I am who I am and while I may not be perfect, I love the person I have become.

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