Monday, October 5, 2009

Cash for Beauty Clunkers

For all of you Sephora VIB's out there, there are discounts on the horizon. I received an email this weekend from Sephora - we can trade 5 used beauty "clunkers" for $10 off an order of $50, if you didn't get it check your email trash. (I would share but only one per person, sorry) This sounds like a great deal, right?! Except that I have cleaned out all of my old crappy makeup and have no makeup to give. I am going have to dig around my cabinets for some lotions or nail polish maybe. I cannot let free Sephora $$ pass me by. On a side note, all product that can be, will be recycled so props to Sephora for being environmentally conscious.


  1. So if you turn in 5 clunkers you receive $50 in Sephora cash??

  2. $10 off a $50 order - I think you need the email though but it's worth a try! :-)



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