Thursday, September 24, 2009

All things FALL...

Being the first week of fall, I must say that I cannot wait for at least a slight wave of cooler air. Fall is my favorite season of all. I love the smells that are associated with fall – cider, pumpkin, fresh air, and Thanksgiving Dinner of course. I also love fall fashion and while I am a huge sucker for sunshine and summertime and all of the fashion that surrounds them, I love love love the opportunity to don leggings, boots, and a great tunic. Also I must say all of the great OPI colors for the fall leave me with the best manicured (self-manicured I must say) nails I ever have. Here is my list of all things fall...

1.   Weather - While us Floridians do not experience a typical fall, we sure can tell a difference when the humidity cracks. We are able to sleep with the windows open, enjoy walking the dog without breaking into a sweat, and just enjoy the outdoors and what it has to offer.

2.  Eating outdoors - From May to October, all meals must be consumed indoors to avoid the ever so unattractive sweating while eating. Once fall weather rolls in, we are able to enjoy outdoor cafes, drinks on the patio, and socialization with friends out in the open air. There are restaurants we don’t even visit for the mere fact we would have to eat inside so this is def one of my faves about fall.

3.  Fall fashion - This is a big one for me. I start “fall shopping” in July to stock up and be ready for that first sign of fall. This year I am most excited about leggings (once again), riding boots, jewel tones, embellished flats (which I’m still in the market for), and plaid in general.
These embellished flats are cute but I think I am still on the hunt for some...

4. OPI - Fave’s for the season are Barefoot in Barcelona, Manicurist of Seville, Give me Moor, Can you Tapas this? Last years that will be coming back are of course Louvre me Louvre me not, Eiffel for this Color, and We’ll Always have Paris.

5.  Holiday Season anticipation - Getting geared up for the Holiday is so exciting.  Planning family get together’s, Christmas shopping, decorating the house, and attending Holiday parties gets me excited every year.

6.  Comfort Food - Homemade breads, All things Thanksgiving dinner, soups, and pies.

7.  Halloween - Costume is picked out and purchased. I love the opportunity to dress up and leave the real world behind, even if for just one night.

8.  Fall TV - This year is a doozie and the list goes as follows:  Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Project Runway,  90210,  So You Think You Can Dance,  Gossip Girl,   

9. Vacation - This year we are re-creating our honeymoon. Three years ago, DH & I went to Beaver Creek, CO in November and we are doing that again this year with friends. I cannot wait! Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.

10.  Happiness - Overall fall makes me happy; whether it is temps, what I am wearing or who I am spending time with. Fall makes me thankful for all I have been given in this world and that starts with you, DH!

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